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Welcome to Redditch Conservatives

This is the website for Redditch County Conservative Association, the branch of the Conservative Party that covers the Redditch County Constituency. Our members include Rachel Maclean MP – your Conservative Member of Parliament for the area. We also cover the group of Conservatives elected to Redditch Borough Council, a small part of the Conservative team on Wychavon District Council, and a small part of the team on Worcestershire County Council. Although our borders and teams might be a little confusing and hard-to-follow we have a simple mission: to get as many Conservatives elected as possible.

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The term ‘Redditch Conservatives’ is a shorthand way of referring to the team of Conservatives in Redditch and the surrounding areas. This includes the Conservative Association, the council groups, and our Member of Parliament. 

What is the Conservative Association?
Redditch County Conservative Association is the voluntary part of the Conservative Party that covers the Redditch County Parliamentary Constituency. Our aim is to get Conservatives elected to office in the area that we cover.  This includes getting our Parliamentary Candidate elected to be our MP, something we have successfully done since 2010. We also work to elect a Police and Crime Commissioner for the West Mercia Area and we support the election of County Councillors to Worcestershire County Council for the areas (divisions) that fall into the Redditch County Parliamentary Constituency. Our area also covers part of Wychavon District Council, but completely covers Redditch Borough Council and it is here where much of our work is focused. A Conservative Association has a Chairman and team of Officers supporting them in their work.
Why is it called Redditch County?
The name ‘Redditch County’ is used to describe the Parliamentary constituency. This is because the constituency covers more areas than Redditch – it actually includes Hanbury, the Lenches, Cookhill, Inkberrow and Feckenham.
What is the Conservative Group?
When Councillors for a particular party are elected to a council (assuming more than one of them is elected) they form a ‘group’. On Redditch Borough Council for instance we are the Conservative Group. As the largest group on the Council with 17 seats we are referred to as the ‘controlling group’.
How do I become a Councillor?
The first step in becoming a Conservative Councillor is to join the Conservatives online. Once you are a member we can provide you with guidance and materials to help your journey to becoming one of our elected Councillors. This will include an application form, an interview process, a selection process, and then finally your appearance before the electorate on their ballot papers.




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