Unlock the potential in our town centre to create affordable homes, more jobs, and a better retail experience.

We plan to spend over £5m upgrading and enhancing Redditch town centre, unlocking the full potential of our town to attract investment, jobs, and provide homes in the centre.

Support our local Alexandra Hospital and improve local health care services for all residents of Redditch Borough.

Through sensible and effective partnerships and innovative ways of working we will support our Hospital, Health Trusts and County Council-run services here in Redditch.

A safer evening economy for you and your family, making Redditch a more enjoyable place to go out and have fun.

By closer monitoring of licensed premises and taxi ranks, we will create a more comfortable environment for residents to enjoy the town centre.

Build new council homes and give priority to local people who need housing in our Borough.

We have already commissioned 67 new homes after years of Labour failures to build a single home since the 1990s, and we’re bringing empty homes back into use even quicker, all whilst introducing a ‘local connection’ policy for applications to the housing list.


Connect residents with good causes, sports clubs, and other opportunties to boost our civic pride across Redditch.

We will provide more opportunities for residents to meet with good causes and sports clubs, such as a ‘Community Fair’, so you can get involved with a community project near you, boosting cohesion and civic pride in every area of the Borough.

Manage our trees, parks and open spaces so they can be enjoyed by all our residents and visitors to Redditch.

Thanks to our proactive and effective tree management policies we are striking the right balance between biodiversity and the need to sensibly manage the height of the 1m+ trees that exist across Redditch.

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