You can click here to download a PDF copy of our local ‘Our Plan’ to your device.

1. Investing in our trees, parks and open spaces

This spring, the much-anticipated new playground and brand new outdoor amphitheatre will open at the Arrow Valley Country Park, demonstrating our investment in improving the leisure offer across Redditch. The amphitheatre will be available for picnics, meeting up, and for live performances and outdoor theatre, enabling more investment in culture across our town.

In addition, the Conservative-run council will upgrade the access roads and entrances at both parks, and is investing in a proposed new cafe and toilets at Morton Stanley Park.

We are also overseeing the implementation of a new leisure strategy, and will be setting up a new Parks Forum, demonstrating our commitment to ensuring local residents continue to have ample opportunity to have their say and shape the future of our parks. 

What’s more we are tackling Ash Die Back by removing diseased trees, and taking the opportunity at the same time to re-plant with new and more diverse species of trees to improve overall biodiversity.

Redditch Borough Council declared a climate emergency under the Conservatives and established a Climate Change Panel. We’re also investing in new electric car charging points, and greener waste collection services through our balanced budgets.

2. A better train station with improved connectivity

If both Worcestershire County Council and Redditch Borough Council remain Conservative-run we will be able to set aside the party politics of the past and work together to get things done for the people of Redditch – such as an upgraded and improved train station and transport interchange hub. It’s time for Redditch to get ready for a second line, enabling more trains per hour to Birmingham and beyond.

The new ‘Railway Quarter‘ will see our town getting ready for the future by ensuring the redeveloped train station has enough room for a second line, in addition to a better and more direct connection into the Kingfisher Centre and the rest of the town.

3. Regenerating our town centre to improve the overall offer and attract additional investment in both residential and businesses

The Conservative-run council has fully supported the submission of the Towns Board bid to the government for up to £25m investment in our town centre, and we thank the board for its work to prepare an ambitious bid. This could be the largest single investment by central government into Redditch since the creation of the New Town.

If successful, the investments that formed the bid would enable a better use of public space outside of the Kingfisher Centre, improving the approach and entrances. In addition, a new public square will allow the town to invest and upgrade its market, library and job centre offer.

We asked the Redditch public what they thought of this vision and over 78% of respondents supported the overall regeneration ambitions, with 66% of respondents also supporting the creation of a new public square.

4. Regeneration of District Centres and an overall focus on stronger communities and skills throughout our council work

We are committed to a ‘two centre solution’ at Winyates and Matchborough, and we have a vision to improve all District Centres over time from Batchley to Woodrow. At the heart of our overall vision is the need to invest in the skills agenda for our town.

For example, our vision is to create a centre for engineering, mechanics and robotics in the town centre, so that our young people are able to be trained for the jobs of the future.

5. Investing in travel, infrastructure, and key local services

Local Housing Infrastructure

Under the Conservatives, the council in Redditch is building its own housing assets that it will wholly own for the first time since 1994, providing affordable rental homes to people in need and helping to balance the authority’s books in the long term, instead of putting your money into the pockets of housing associations.

Local Transport

As above, we fully support the redevelopment of Redditch Train Station, and as your Redditch Conservatives team we will go further and look to create an ‘active travel’ hub at the Arrow Valley Country Park to improve public and non-car transport options from the train station to the lake at the centre of our town.

Key Local Services

Redditch Conservatives remains committed to ensuring that key local services remain accessible to those who need them the most, and we remain committed to promoting financial independence, and enabling stronger communities through partnership working.

We will always be mindful of our climate obligations too. It was under the Conservatives that Redditch Borough Council declared a climate emergency, and we are implementing positive action to bring down our carbon usage to net zero – and we aim to do this as soon as possible.

For example, we are committed to a ‘carbon positive’ cemetery in the Borough at a site to be determined, which will be an open, accessible and green space whilst addressing a clear need to continue to enable loved ones to be buried in their home town.

6. Supporting investment and our MP’s campaign to return services at the Alexandra Hospital

The Alex has a bright future ahead of it as part of the wider Trust, and plays a vital role now and in the future. We are all thankful to all staff for their hard work during the pandemic, and we all acknowledge the strong role played by the Alex. 

We will always work constructively on what’s best for the hospital, to allow it to continue to be a recipient of investment. Without investment the hospital will not survive, and so we will always be pragmatic about the kinds of investment that are needed to unlock the potential of the hospital and its services. 

We fully support our MP’s campaign to see services restored to the Alex that were moved away under the previous review.