What are these elections for?

Each councillor on Redditch Borough Council serves a term of office for 4 years. There are elections on Thursday 5th May to choose 11 out of the 29 councillors that make up the local authority. 6 Conservative candidates are standing for re-election and 5 Conservative candidates are standing for the first time. These elections are for Redditch Borough Council, which is the authority responsible for emptying your bins, managing the trees, cutting the grass, managing the town centre, and a wide range of other services. Each year the Borough Council spends around £9.5m of your council tax pounds on local services, which is why it is important to elect a competent and capable team of councillors to ensure the best possible value for your money.

When are the elections in Redditch?

Polls will open from 7am on Thursday 5th May 2022 and close at 10pm. Results are expected overnight. If you vote by post your postal ballots will arrive sooner, and you can return these by post or by dropping them off at a polling station on the day. No candidates are allowed to handle a postal vote – and you should report any offer to take a postal vote away for you to the police.

Your Conservative Party Candidates for 2022

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