About Mike Rouse

Mike lives in Oakenshaw with his young family and is passionate about creating more and better opportunities for young people. He’s already working hard for Redditch as the Deputy Leader of the Borough Council, but wants to go further to County Hall at Worcester so he can deliver more for Redditch, and especially the communities of Redditch South which are in need of infrastructure investment, especially at the Rough Hill Drive roundabout.

Mike has a Facebook page, which he keeps up-to-date with his activities on behalf of residents. You’re also very welcome to email mike.rouse@redditchconservatives.org.uk to ask any questions or arrange a call with him.

Mike’s Priorities for Redditch South

  • Tackle anti-social driving behaviour and ‘road harms’ such as speeding and racing by working with the police and other partners to deploy effective solutions such as Speedwatch and ensuring that police are aware of where the problems are and are using their powers to issue fines and, if necessary, seizure of the worst offenders.
  • Work hard to win infrastructure upgrades across Redditch South to help tackle congestion and ‘pinch points’. A particular focus will be on the roundabout junction at the top of Rough Hill Drive that connects Redditch to Astwood Bank.
  • Working with my running mate, Craig Warhurst, I will lobby for improvements to flood defences where needed and to improve drainage issues across the division.
  • A priority for me will be young people – ensuring investment in play, activities, skills and opportunities. For example, I will work with partners in County Hall to ensure educational and extra-curricular activities are available and suited to the skills needed for the future economy.
  • Protection of Redditch South from over-development of will remain a key priority for Craig Warhurst and me. That’s why we have spoken out on the proposed new battery facility in Feckenham on the basis that our infrastructure cannot cope, and it’s why we will scrutinise carefully any planning applications that are put forward.
  • Both Craig and I, as County Councillors, are committed to working with Feckenham Parish Council on a wide range of issues. Going further, a priority for me to is to see the creation of more parish councils in the area over the longer term.