About Luke Court

I’m a young candidate, who has lived in Redditch my whole life. I am committed to improving the town and injecting energy into the Council. I will work with the Council to improve Winyates, including the regeneration of the Winyates centre, further efforts to mitigate against the effects of the Eastern Gateway and tackle overgrown footpaths and litter.

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We need your signature on this petition so we can demonstrate to Worcestershire County Council the strength of local feeling about this issue and to ensure it is regarded as a priority for the council to implement safety measures that will not just help during COVID-19 times, but will improve safety for the long-term too. 

Key priorities for Winyates:

I would like point to a typical example of what the current Conservative Council is delivering for the residents of Winyates. The Council is funding the renovation and reconstruction of the playground at Arrow Valley Lake, this will be great for families in Winyates when it is completed this Spring.

Firstly, I passionately care about the regeneration of the Winyates Centre, and will work to push to Council to deliver this as soon as possible. The Winyates centre is the hub of the community and it needs and sensitive and appropriate development to allow this space to continue to serve the Winyates.

Secondly, I stand with the residents of Winyates Green and will work hard to mitigate the effects of the Eastern Gateway project. I would like to emphasise that Conservative Councillors did not support the Gateway.

Finally, I want to work towards creating a tidier Winyates, including better maintaining footpaths and clearing up litter.

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