Patrons’ Club


The Patrons’ Club welcomes applications for membership from any current member of the Redditch County Conservative Association.  Membership includes your annual membership subscription to the Conservative Party. Being a Patron does not mean you have to get involved with the day-to-day running of the Association, though you are welcome to do so if you wish.

Subscriptions are paid either monthly or annually by automatic direct debit from your bank account. Membership is per individual at a cost of £16.67 per month or £200 per year. You can join by clicking one of the buttons to set up the direct debit. We will then match your details to our membership system.

There are no formal meetings of the members of the Patrons’ Club, though the main event of the Patrons’ Club is the Annual Club Lunch held usually in November each year (where COVID-19 restrictions allow).

Current benefits include briefings and newsletters, an online community and regular club chats over videoconferencing – usually with a special guest speaker or topic to debate.

What’s included

  • Membership of the Conservative Party 
  • Briefings and Newsletters
  • Regular social events and/or videocalls
  • Special guest speakers and hot debate topics