About Us

Redditch County Conservative Association is part of the Conservative & Unionist Party (UK). We are authorised and governed as a constituency association under Schedule 7 of the Conservative Party Constitution, mapped to the constituency boundaries of Redditch County Constituency. This means as an Association we mirror the Parliamentary boundaries exactly.

Our Governance Structure

We are governed at the local level by our Executive Council, which appoints a committee of Officers to run the Association on a daily basis. A number of other committees and sub-committees exist to support our work.

We are legally separate from the Redditch Borough Council Conservative Group, the Wychavon District Council Conservative Group and the Worcestershire County Council Conservative Group. However, where these groups have representatives in the Redditch area those individuals are members of our Association and governed by our rules and procedures.

Our Parliamentary Candidate is Rachel Maclean, who is the current sitting Member of Parliament for Redditch County Constituency. Rachel is a member of Redditch County Conservative Association.

Our Association depends on our branches, which are mapped to the boundaries of Redditch Borough Council wards, plus one ward of Wychavon District Council. We have active branches across the area from Astwood Bank & Feckenham in the south to Church Hill in the north.