Worcestershire Acute Hospitals NHS Trust ‘temporarily’ moved the Garden Suite Chemotherapy Unit from the Alexandra Hospital to Kidderminster Hospital during the pandemic in order to keep chemo patients safe.

However, Trust bosses have now publicly said that, in the summer, they may look at making this move permanent. This is not acceptable. Temporary must mean temporary.

When it is safe to do so, I believe the Garden Suite should be returned to the Alex.

Having visited the Garden Suite at the Alex myself, it really struck me how much it meant to patients that they could be treated locally for something so traumatic as chemotherapy.

Ever since Trust bosses publicly said the Garden Suite may not return to the Alex, I have received many emails from constituents who have used this service. I have been moved by their stories and how deeply passionate they are about seeing the Garden Suite returned to our town’s hospital.

I’ve also heard from constituents who are now having to travel to Kidderminster for treatment. Contrary to what health bosses have told me, I’ve not heard any positive feedback from my constituents about the possibility of this service not returning to the Alex.

I know how important it is to local residents that this service is brought back to Redditch.

The Garden Suite’s home was at the Alex before this pandemic and, together, let’s fight to make sure it’s brought home when it’s safe to do so.

I’m doing everything I can to return the Garden Suite by talking to health bosses through my Alex Working Group and by involving government ministers.

But now Redditch needs to make its voice heard. Please sign this petition to tell Trust bosses that you want the Garden Suite returned to the Alex. Together, let’s show them Redditch doesn’t support the service permanently remaining at Kidderminster Hospital.