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Mike Rouse’s campaign video for Redditch South

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Why has Juliette Brunner, who is a tireless worker and perhaps the best counsellor that we have ever had, been deselected? The local rumour is that it is because she did not support the use of Ipsly meadow as a burial ground. If this rumour is true, then she was, as always, merely following the wishes of the people that she represents.
As things are at present my inclination is, for the first time in my life, to vote Independent rather than conservative in an attempt to keep Juliette where she belongs – working selflessly for the benefit of all.

Hi Robert. Juliet was given freedom under our Group Rules to oppose the position all she liked. We even suggested she set up a working group to look at alternatives. You would have to ask her why working within the team that has the majority of votes on the council was no longer something she wanted to do.

You might also ask why she is running for County Council on this issue when there will be zero votes at County Hall about it. Not one. It’s purely a Borough issue. Juliet was also not deselected, she was simply not approved by a panel of local party members who assess each application to become a Councillor on its merits. Every sitting councillor goes through the same process.

You say Juliet is a tireless worker. Perhaps you’d also like to ask why her attendance level at council meetings was as low as 40% only recently. You can check this on the RBC website yourself. You say best Councillors we have ever had – I would dispute that and ask you to list just 3 achievements that can be put to Juliet’s name in her whole 17 years of being a councillor. I’ve been a Councillor for just 3 years and can point to: the new playground at AVCP, new cafe and toilets at MSP, the cafe at the lake going under better ownership, the return of model boating at the lake, the conclusion of the years long issue related to Church Hill Centre, the return of the Redditch Carnival, the setting up of Support Redditch delivering hundreds of food parcels, and more.

What this is really about is how we handle change. It’s a pity how an ‘old guard’ can treat newcomers sometimes, in all walks of life. All political parties, just like in a business, need fresh ideas and new perspectives, even if they don’t like the new style of those who come next.

We should welcome, teach and nurture newcomers, not admonish, tarnish and plot against them to try to protect a regime seemingly at all costs. History has shown us time and again that only the worst regimes try to salt the earth when they fall.

Handing over the baton peacefully and without bitterness is a cornerstone of our democracy, and applies within political parties as much as it does in wider life.

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