The Claim: Labour’s candidates in cahoots with independent candidates have recently claimed that there is approximately 10 years’ capacity for burials at the Edgioake Lane cemetery in Astwood Bank, and that additional room for extension can be found in a nearby field.

The Facts:

  • The satellite image below shows the space available, which would be 10 years based on current usage. If the main burial provision for Redditch was switched to Edgioake Lane the cemetery would fill up within around 6 months, and we would be back to square one.
  • There are approximately 60-70 spaces available at Egioake Lane. The current burial demand rate for Redditch is around 120 per year.
  • Based on around 40 plots remaining at Abbey Cemetery the most time that could be allowed using an Egioake Lane solution would be around 1 year.
  • Cemetery provision needs to be planned for as long as possible with 30, 40 or 50 years bring ideas given the investment required.
  • The field advertised by Labour candidates as being available (the field beyond the red line shown) is actually privately owned and the owner has confirmed they are not willing to sell it. A Compulsory Purchase Order would not be possible, not least because the land sits outside of the Borough of Redditch.

Speaking about the claim, Matt Dormer said:

“To claim there is room at Edgioake Lane is very misleading and was something covered months ago; all of a sudden, just before an election, Labour in cahoots with independent candidates are trying to point to Edgioake Lane to raise false hope over the Borough’s future burial provision when it’s clearly a non-starter. Anyone should be able to see there just isn’t the room, and I’ve confirmed with the owner of the neighbouring field that it’s just not for sale.”