The Conservative Police & Crime Commissioner candidate for West Mercia, John Campion, has outlined his plan to make the roads across the whole West Mercia area safer with some key commitments to tackle deaths and anti-social behaviour on our roads.

Welcoming the plan, Redditch campaigner Lucy Harrison who has a background as a road safety campaigner said:

The devastation caused to those bereaved or seriously injured on our roads is too difficult to describe, as I well know. I also know first hand how seriously John Campion takes the need to reduce the numbers killed and left with life changing injuries, and to make our roads safer.

On average one person a week dies on the roads in West Mercia, cutting short too many lives and ripping families apart with grief. There are too many communities across Worcestershire, Herefordshire, Shropshire and Telford blighted by the effects of speeding and anti-social use of the roads such as noisy exhausts.

John Campion said:

As Commissioner over the past five years, I have taken action to reduce the harm caused on our roads by launching a Safer Roads Strategy, recruiting more roads police officers, ensuring the police are targeting speeding drivers.

John Campion pledges to build on his record by:

  • Recruiting more specialist roads policing officers to target those motorists causing the most harm
  • Greater use of technology including introducing Average Speed Cameras on “Highest Harm Routes” across the three counties
  • Ensuring Community Policing team have the resources to work with community to tackle areas of concerns
  • Targeting dangerous drivers with enforcement and education to break the cycle of roads deaths
  • Providing resources to make cycling safer on our roads, including educating drivers and cyclists on how to share our roads safely
  • Targeting more funding for Community Speed Watch, and grants for community speed reduction schemes ensuring the local residents’ priorities are being addressed

John added:

I have consistently heard from the community their concerns about safety on some of our local roads. Too many lives are being prematurely ended on our roads, with families losing loved ones. My pledge is to redouble our efforts to tackle this sad fact. Deaths on our roads must never just be accepted as inevitable – we must make our roads safer.

On loud exhausts and anti-social driving behaviours, John added:

I am also committed to reducing other impacts of the anti-social use of our roads including issues such as speeding and noisy exhausts. Too many communities have been blighted by those using their vehicles not having consideration for other residents, including illegally modified vehicles with loud exhausts and street racing. I will ensure the police have the resources and are held to account to reduce the harm associated with our roads.