Under the Conservatives, Redditch Borough Council is building its own new council houses for the first time in 27 years. The last council house built by the authority was in 1994.

The work starts with 19 new homes, designated for affordable rent levels, in Edgeworth Close in Church Hill, and is due to begin this summer following delays due to COVID-19.

There will be three bungalows, six two-bedroom homes and ten three-bedroom homes.

Councillor Craig Warhurst said to the Redditch Standard:

“Bungalows are especially in need, and in demand, for those elderly or disabled people who are in a house that’s too large for their needs,” said Councillor Craig Warhurst, the authority’s portfolio holder for housing.

“And of course there is a knock on effect when a larger property vacated by a person moving into a bungalow or more suitable accommodation becomes available for another family.

“The benefits of this new social housing development will ripple out across the community.”

Council Leader, Matt Dormer, also quoted in the Redditch Standard as saying: “This is the first build but it won’t be the last.

“Council houses are a precious, limited resource in high demand, and we continue to actively search for places the council can build more, to increase our local stock and house more local residents.”