Jo Monk, the Conservative prospective candidate for Arrow Valley East at the County Council elections in May, has co-launched a petition calling for a new crossing to be installed outside Roman Way First School on Colts Lane in Winyates.

Roman Way Crossing Campaign

The petition, also backed by running mate and Borough Council leader Matt Dormer, says:

Roman Way First School (soon to be renamed as Arrow Valley First School) is based on Colts Lane, Redditch, and has (like many schools) needed to adjust how people enter and leave the site due to COVID-19 guidelines. As a result, this means more people are now using the school’s main entrance with the wider gate off Colts Lane. However, there is currently no crossing over Colts Lane, no flashing yellow lights, and no other safety measures apart from the yellow zig-zags.

As your local Conservative Party team we need your signature on this petition so we can demonstrate to Worcestershire County Council the strength of local feeling about this issue and to ensure it is regarded as a priority for the council to implement safety measures that will not just help during COVID-19 times, but will improve safety for the long-term too. 

Speaking about her campaign, Jo Monk said:

“I have been here and seen the issues first hand, and clearly there are problems with the speed of traffic and the current arrangements for crossing the road, which need to be addressed.”

She added:

“If I am elected I will make it my mission to improve safety at this crossing, and this petition will help me go to County Hall with the backing of local residents and a demonstration of their strong support for a solution.”

Matt Dormer added:

“Clearly this is a Highways issue, and as such will be a top priority for us if we are elected to represent Arrow Valley East at the elections, but regardless of how the elections go this needs to be sorted.”

People can sign the petition by clicking the link below: