Getting Started

These are the following steps you will need to take before you can become a Conservative Councillor on Redditch Borough Council.

Join the Party

Download & Complete

Return Application

  1. Become a member of the Conservative Party. If you are not already signed up as a member you will need to join online. Click here to complete your membership application. If you’re already a member, great!
  2. Complete our application form. There are a number of documents the application form refers to and asks you to confirm you have read these – links to these documents are provided below. Click here to download the application form.
  3. Email your completed application form. Attach the PDF to an email and send it to – you can complete the form on your computer and email it to us. We’ll print it and arrange for signatures later. You can also print the form to complete in ink and scan it back to us. If you prefer to post your form back to us just pop it into an envelope and send to FREEPOST REDDITCH CONSERVATIVES.


After you have submitted your application form

Approvals Interview

Apply for Vacancies

Selection Presentation

Start Campaigning

  • We will arrange an interview with our ‘Approvals Panel’. This usually takes place one evening and last around 30-40 minutes. We will ask you why you want to stand for the Conservatives and what you hope to bring to the area.
  • After approval, you are added to the list of Approved Candidates. This means you are eligible to apply for any vacant seats (wards) in the Redditch Borough area.
  • Apply to a vacant seat. The branch committee for the area you want to represent will usually interview you and will want to get to know you as their potential next Councillor.
  • Be selected and start campaigning. Once you are fully selected for a seat you will begin campaigning to win your seat at the next set of local elections.
  • Win – hopefully! After a well-fought campaign we hope you win your seat and are elected to Redditch Borough Council, but if you don’t make it this time, don’t be disheartened – you can apply for any other vacant seat and try again.
  • Take your seat in Council. The work begins in earnest once you are elected as you take your seat to join debates and vote on policies.

Guidance to questions on your application form

Please complete the application form in an open and honest fashion. It is important because we need to properly assess your suitability and we need to know if we need to make any adjustments to support you.


Question 7: There is nothing in the form that is designed to ‘catch you out’, but there are some important questions such as Question 7 which asks you to identify any Conservative Party policies you disagree with. Simply disagreeing with a party policy is not enough to disqualify you from being a candidate – we are a broad church as a party and we welcome a wide range of views.


Question 8: Likewise, please don’t try to hide any past memberships of other political parties. We want to welcome you into our party and encourage people to switch from other political parties.


Question 11: Campaigning can mean many things. It can be something like starting an online crowdfunder for a good cause, or it can be starting a petition about something. It can also be delivering leaflets for a cause you believe in.


Question 16A: This makes reference to the Conservative Group Rules, which you will be bound by if you are successfully elected. If you wish to read a copy of these in advance please email to obtain a copy – we don’t publish these online.


Question 16B: We are not asking you to fund your own campaign – we are lucky in Redditch to benefit from generous donors who will pay for your leaflets and literature. However, if you want additional literature or something a bit different you may have to pay for this yourself. Likewise, if you know you have strong financial means we would certainly appreciate a kind offer to cover your own costs by way of a donation so that those less fortunate can be covered.


Question 16C: This refers to the Code of Conduct both for Councillors on Redditch Borough Council and the Conservative Party’s Code of conduct.

Please note that by submitting your application form and signing your confirmation you are agreeing to adhere to these codes, breaches of which may result in loss of your candidacy, loss of your council seat if you are elected, deselection, and even reputation damage.


Question 16D: If you are successfully elected you will join your colleagues on the Council – known as ‘the group’. As a member of the group you will also be expected to join the Conservative Councillors’ Association (CCA), which is effectively like the trade union for Conservative Councillors. This costs £35 per year and provides you with training resources and support. You cannot sit as a Conservative Councillor unless you remain a member of the CCA.


Question 18: This question is not designed to catch you out. The reason we want to know about anything like this is that it will help us to help you in the event such matters become public knowledge. If we don’t know about these past events we cannot support you quickly in a fast-moving situation. If the past events are put to us by political opponents (who may twist things to suit their agenda) we may find ourselves in a difficult position – however, if we know the truth already we can handle these situations more effectively.


Question 19: If you don’t yet know any other members who are willing to support your application we would strongly encourage you to join our group on Facebook and look out for upcoming social events where you can get to know your future colleagues. You can also attend Full Council meetings where we will be delighted to talk with you before/after the session.


The last page of the application form is the ‘Model Agreement to Stand’ which you should read carefully. This is essentially the contract between you and the Conservative Party that outlines what we expect from you, and what you can expect from us.